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MTAG Fitness is an all in one facility. We offer fitness programs, one on one training, athletic training and dynamic functional therapy to the CSRA. We have athletic competition training with former NFL player Raymond Webber starting at age 7 to adult. 

Fitness Program

From high impact bootcamp class to a yoga classes, we have something for everyone. MTAG trainers hold degrees, certifications and real-world fitness training experience to push you, motivate you and support you to elevate your fitness routine and exceed your personal expectations.

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Personal Training

Our studio’s personal trainers will function as your colleague, coach and teacher as they help you achieve optimal health and fitness through a state-of-the-art complete fitness program.

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Athletic Training

Get an advantage in athletic performance development. We a wide variety of athletic training classes, from elementary- teaching running technique, functional movement, athletic coordination and sportsmanship to college- teaching emphasis on applied and measurable performance, fine tuning movement, providing timelines to reach goals and exceeding expectations.

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You don’t have to be a young athlete or teenager to get in shape or set fitness goals. At More Than A Game Athlete Development Center, we’ve equipped our 40,000 sq ft facility to provide all types of training programs for adults. We offer results-oriented programs that are tailored to your unique goals and fitness level. Whether you want to lose weight, build strength or excel in a certain sport, you can trust our athletic trainers to bring elite knowledge and experience to your individualized training plan. Our approach is comprehensive and considers the latest and most proven adult training methods in the industry.


Meet The MTAG Team

MTAG would be nothing without our team. We each bring specializations to the table to help you reach your full potential at MTAG would be nothing without our team. We each bring specializations to the table to help you reach your full potentional


Founder & Head Coach


Strength & Conditioning Coach


Certified Personal Trainer


Adult & Children’s Yoga Instructor


Certified Personal Trainer