MTAG Owner and Head Sports Performance Coach Raymond Webber


I’ve been cut by every team I’ve ever played for, whether it was due to injuries, roster moves,or numbers. I’ve had 3 surgeries and I’ve returned. Each injury I rehabbed; after each “we have to let you go” I bounced back with faith and determination. The hardest thing I ever chose to do was hang my cleats up, not for lack of opportunity but for the fact I found something I loved more than football, being a dad. Being a father inspired and fueled yet another dream and passion, training athletes. I build young men and women’s confidence and teach them first hand how to be resilient in a life that hands you nothing you do not work for. When I chose the name “MTAG – More Than A Game” it was because the things I’ve learned and the things I teach can be translated into all aspects of life. Come train with not only someone who has been there before but someone who will guide you, mentor you, and teach you the knowledge it takes to be the person you want to be.

~Raymond Webber, Former NFL Player, Owner and Head Trainer


Jamar Atkinson is a certified personal trainer at MTAG and has always had a passion for fitness. He played football for Syracuse University while earning his degree in Broadcasting and Communication. His experience playing football in college and in the NFL for the Baltimore Ravens shows in the way he creates specific training programs designed to increase speed, power, agility, and reaction timing. His expertise is not only in sports performance but also in weight loss and nutrition and his clients have had great success. He’s trained young athletes, actors, doctors and artists. He’s been on many movie sets training Idris Elba and appeared with him in Idris Elba: King of Speed and Idris Elba: Fighter. He also appeared on the television show Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life. He loves that he can help make a difference in the community by teaching them the skills they need to lead a long, fit life



MTAG Strength And Condition Coach Andre Cooper

Andre Cooper is from Hampton, VA he is certified in personal and sports performance training, certified through Action Certification and American Council of Exercise. He specializes in strength and weight training as well athletic performance. He played football, rugby and wrestled for Heritage High School in Newport News,Va and was recruited as a linebacker by Norwich University in Northfield, VT. After his short time at Norwich he later went on to play rugby in Australia for the Tasmania Jack Jumpers where he spent a year. Andre Cooper is currently back in school pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. He currently resides  in Grovetown, Ga with girlfriend and four children Jr, Roshad, Alenia and A’Shad.