Athletic Programs

Competition/ Elementary Training

Gives youth an early advantage in athletic performance development. Jump Start Performance creates the foundations of overall athleticism in a fun, friendly, competitive and positive atmosphere. Our curriculum establishes a young athletes foundation for improved performance, injury prevention and long term enjoyment of sports participation. (7-11 Yrs)

Compete/ Middle School Training

Stage 2, athletic fundamentals begin to be developed and directed towards athletic skill application in our Competition Performance Program. progressing athletic movement with introduction of speed mechanics, agility, weight lifting and the importance of flexibility. (12-14 Yrs)

Elite/ High School Training

The Elite curriculum is designed to develop strength, power, agility and speed using Olympic lifts and advanced speed dynamics, preparing athletes for a Division 1 collegiate program. (15+ Yrs)

College Training

Helps athletes prepare for their upcoming seasons by taking their physical skills to the next level and maximizing their performance. Our programs place the highest emphasis on applied and measurable performance, fine tuning movement, providing timelines to reach goals and exceeding expectations

Team Training

Our team training programs are designed to deliver a challenging workout that is organized, educational, and customized for entire sports teams. Training sessions focus on linear speed and multi-directional skill development. Team Training programs are built to be sport specific with body-weight resisted power development, resistant band strengthening, and conditioning and speed ratios that apply directly to specific sports demands


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Athletic Training

Most Popular

Includes 1-On-1 Sport Specific Training, Client Creates Schedule

Try for $ 65 

  • $300/Month- 6 Sessions, No Contract
  • $320/Month- 8 Sessions, 3 Month Contract
  • $300/Month- 10 Sessions, 6 Month Contract
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Competition Group

Most Popular

ages 7-11 yrs

Try for $ 15

  • $130/Month, No Contract
  • $115/Month with 3 Month Contract
  • $100/Month with 6 Month Contract
  • $75/Month with 12 Month Contract
  • Includes Personal Training
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Compete Training Group

Most Popular

ages 12-14

try for $ 20 

  • $175/Month, No Contract
  • $160/Month with 3 Month Contract
  • $145/Month with 6 Month Contract
  • $100/Month with 12 Month Contact
  • Classes are 1.5 Hours Long
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Elite Training

Most Popular

High School/College

Try for $ 25

  • $200/Month, No Contract
  • $175/Month with 3 Month Contract
  • $160/Month with 6 Month Contract
  • $115/Month with 12 Month Contract
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